To see more interesting outcomes, simply change the date scale to weeks, months or years. If you loved this post and you would want to receive details about mysql - distinct items per month per distinct group i implore you to visit the site. You can use the ready-to-use and ready-to-copy reviews to rapidly generate and share details about your projects, or you possibly can create new stories. Your reviews can present trends in project or staff progress and high quality throughout a release, dash, or a specific time range. Traceability reviews can show how artifacts are linked across lifecycle instruments. If you use the configuration management features in the RM and QM applications, you need to use Report Builder and Lifecycle Query Engine to report on information within the configurations. You can export the report information in numerous codecs, together with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or a template that you can use with Rational Publishing Engine to generate document-style reviews. You can even export graphs as images for use in paperwork. Items within the fashions listing correspond to database-backed objects in your custom Concrete5 application. For instance, when you added a “properties” table to your database, you'd need a PHP class for querying this information. In Concrete5, you'd add “property.php” to your models listing. Models are mostly elective, but if your model extends the Model class , you can use ADODB Active Record syntax to question it. An auto-created sequence is greatest utilized in extra difficult scenarios in which you would possibly must create many collection to show certain data. For an in depth walkthrough of how this works, take a glance at our excellent video on the topic. Below you’ll discover explanations for the choices you’ll see on your display. In SimplePie 1.0, we simplified the method of merging together multiple feeds, sorting them by date, and displaying them. This method allows you to do all the regular SimplePie stuff with out requiring you to do any array hacking or something. This tutorial will show you tips on how to merge solely the primary 5 items per feed, and sort these by date and time.

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